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Yes! JobMatePro has a FABULOUS order portal where clients can log in, and create new job orders. While some of you might have "one and done" clients, which of course, JobMatePRO handles exceptionally well. The majority of you will probably be working with clients that will have need for your services over and over again. A great example is a real estate photography firm who might do continual work for a Realtor. In the JobMatePRO client portal, they can create new invoices, pay existing invoices, and download documents such as photos, PDF's, floor plans, videos, NFT's, etc. You may also have clients that need recurring services, like lawn care, home cleaning services, car washing services, and many others. Clients can manage, and create those types of invoices very easily in the JobMatePRO Client Portal

Create "One Time" Invoices

For some of you, you may sell a product like a bird house, or some other item that would be considered a "one time" purchase. The JobMatePRO ordering portal makes this super easy for the client. the JobMatePRO client portal will take them through the ordering process literally "step by step" so that they can't get confused, lost or otherwise abandon the sale because of frustration.

The JobMatePRO order portal is SUPER easy to use. You set up your products in the JobMatePRO system, link them on your existing website (links provided in the inventory management system), and when a client clicks on the link, they will be transported to the client order portal where they can purchase the item.

Create "Recurring Service" Invoices

For "regular interval" services like home cleaning, lawn care, etc, you can set up "recurring interval" invoices that recur as often as once per minute, to once very 100 years, with a granularity of 1 minute. Need to create a new invoice daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, every 2 months, every 3 months, every 6 months, every year? JobMatePRO can do that very easily.

Lawn care every week? Home cleaning every two weeks? Tree trimming once a year? With JobMatePRO, you can "set it and forget it". The system will automatically create the invoices at the right interval, notify the client to pay, and put the job into the scheduling system once confirmed by the client.

WIth a single click, you can turn it off, and that invoice will stop recurring. One click "ON". One click "OFF". It's just that simple.

Create "Returning Client" Invoices

Many of you will have clients that return often, but not at regular intervals. A real estate photography business is a great example where real estate agents return time and time again to get more photos taken of different homes. This system saves all of the client information so they can just log in, input an invoice, and be done quickly and efficiently.

One thing that's different from our client portal V.S. other portals is that clients are actually filling out information that is saved into the job. You can search them, edit them, schedule them, ship them, track them, and more.... quickly and efficiently

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