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Build customized questionnaires for your services and products to ensure that you get the right questions answered to provide excellent service to your clients. | $29.95
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Create Customizable Questionnaire's For Each Service

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Use your imagination! You can add surveys to any type of task. Maybe some questions for the photography task. Maybe some questions for the editing task. Maybe some questions for the drone task, and maybe some questions for the admin task. You can create as many surveys as you want, and attach them to line items as needed. Of course, the system will handle this all automatically, and track the condition of each task to make sure it doesn't get lost in the fray. When you get super busy, balls can get dropped. JobMatePRO ensures that you keep all those balls in the air, and landing where they are supposed to.

Create Questions On Client Services

There are almost always questions that you ask a client when they order a particular type of thing. Like for instance, when a client orders a "Drone Photography" package. It's great to ask the client what they are wanting to capture with the aerial photos. This information can be captured, and relayed to the service provider via the service provider portal.

Create Surveys On Administrative Tasks

Using the photography paradigm again, let's say that the client wants you to upload their photos to their MLS system. Simply add the line item "Upload MLS" to the invoice, and the associated tasks will be added to the invoice. Assign that task to the appropriate service provider (probably a customer support person), and viola! The system will now track that task to ensure that it's completed.

Create Surveys On Anything!

Once the line items have been added to the invoice, the individual tasks become available for scheduling in our powerful and easy to use scheduling system. Each task can be individually scheduled with any service provider. This powerful feature is one of the defining characteristics of the JobMatePRO system. This capability is core to how the system operates, and the power you have at your fingertips.

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